170+ Baby Eating Cake Captions

170+ Baby Eating Cake Captions

Have you ever seen a photo of a child eating cake, but couldn’t find the perfect caption for it? Well, look no further because these funny captions will top it off. There are plenty of good captions on this list to choose from. 

Baby Eating Cake Captions

  1. Cake for baby and cake for mommy!
  2. Life is good when a baby eats cake. ❤️
  3. Cake for the baby! 🎂💕
  4. We love when babies eat cake. 😊🎂
  5. Who needs cake when you have a baby to eat it with? 😋
  6. What a cute baby eating cake! I wanna have one too! 😋
  7. The fat on this cake is good for your baby. 🍰💕
  8. Eating cake with a baby on your lap is the best thing ever.
  9. Can’t wait to see your baby eating cake, oh wait. The cake is for you! 😂
  10. Eating cake is the best part of a mom’s day.
  11. The world’s cutest baby girl is a cake addict. Take her away and feed her only ice cream 😊
  12. Happy Birthday to a sweet little one! Enjoy your cake and have a very happy birthday. We love you.
  13. This would be so much better if I could eat it.
  14. The cake has no teeth and the baby doesn’t care 🍰😍
  15. Cake is nice, but what’s even better is when our babies eat cake. 😋👶
  16. Baby, you are so sweet and cute. I can’t wait to eat your cake
  17. For the birthday baby, who always shares his cake with us.
  18. Cake is the bestest, I love it and so does my little baby. 🍰
  19. The most important part of a birthday is the cake. #HappyBirthday
  20. The cutest way to celebrate your little one’s birthdays? This cake and a happy baby smile. 😍😇
  21. What a good boy you are. Enjoy this tasty cake!
  22. Baby: I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m eating cake with all these sprinkles on it. Mommy: Because baby, I missed my favorite cake!
  23. You are loved, you are special and you deserve a treat! Life is better when you eat cake.
  24. I’m so ready for dessert.  😍
  25. You’re the cake that’s so yummy, we don’t need to eat it.
  26. Good morning, my sweet little baby. You are the sweetest and cutest little baby ever. I love you so much! ❤️😘💗
  27. Eating cake is a lot like trying to find the right words to express how much you love someone. You can’t really do it. You just keep eating that cake.
  28. Baby. Cake. Yumminess!
  29. Cake for baby! 🍰🎈
  30. Baby’s first cake is always a celebration.
  31. When your baby eats cake, you’re destined to live happily ever after. 😍
  32. I made this cake for my baby to celebrate his first birthday. Happy birthday, little one! 🎂
  33. The happiest baby in the world ☺🍰
  34. Here’s to a happy and healthy birthday! Here are some cute baby eating cake captions to wish your mom or any other women who’s celebrating her special day.
  35. Baby, you’re going to be fine. Just eat your cake and everything will be alright.
  36. What a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!
  37. The best dessert is the one you make with love ❤️
  38. I’m stealing the first bite of your cake and sharing it with my new little sister 😍👶🏻
  39. The best kind of food is the kind you can’t stop eating.
  40. When you’re a cake eater, sometimes you need a little bit of encouragement to get excited about eating it. 😉
  41. when the baby eats cake with her first teeth
  42. We’re all about eating cake with our baby! 😍
  43. Looking at the sweet baby eating cake makes me smile so much.
  44. If you’re looking for a cake, we have the best baby eating cake right here. 🍰
  45. The best part about baby eating cake is realizing that there’s cake for dessert too. 😋
  46. It’s not just a cake. It’s a treat, too! 😏
  47. This cake is…mouthwatering. 😍
  48. Eating Cake Is Better With your baby
  49. Cake for breakfast and dessert for dinner? 👶🍰
  50. Happy Birthday! 😀🎂😊
  51. A time to celebrate your baby while they’re still a baby. 💄👶
  52. I hope you enjoy your [cake] as much as I enjoyed eating it. 😋
  53. You’re a slice of cake, and we’re all so glad you’re here.
  54. A baby’s first bite of cake.
  55. The cake looks so yummy, I want to feed it to my baby!
  56. A baby’s first meal should be as sweet and delicious as a piece of cake.
  57. When you have cake and you’re a baby, it’s a happy problem.
  58. Hello world! Welcome to our first caption. This is baby eating cake, I’m the cake and you’re the icing. Ok, so now that I’ve said that I’m gonna get to work on this cake.
  59. Don’t mind me, I’m just eating cake.
  60. Baby’s first cake! Cake eating is the best way to show love as a parent. 😍
  61. The best way to say “I love you” is through a piece of cake.
  62. Hey baby, don’t worry. There’s cake on the table and all the icing you can handle. Cheers!
  63. Every tiny bite is a sweet treat. 😎
  64. This cake is so moist, you may find yourself eating it by the slice. 😎
  65. Let’s face it, we all need a little help every now and again, especially when it comes to feeding our babies. 😊
  66. You make me feel so good inside. I love you with all my heart
  67. Baby eating cake, a good thing 😊
  68. If a baby could eat cake, this is what it would look like. 😉
  69. Only babies know how to eat cake.
  70. Happy baby eating cake (and what’s even better: you can eat it too).
  71. There’s nothing better than seeing a baby eating cake. 😍🧕
  72. Eating cake should be an excuse to use the word “baby” as often as possible.
  73. I’m craving cake. What about you? #BabyEatingCake
  74. When your baby eats cake, you can’t help but smile.
  75. You’re never too young for cake. 😋
  76. When you’re having a bad day, just think of this picture and everything will be okay. #BabyEatingCake
  77. Baby, it’s time to eat cake! Your journey through the world is a happy one. Enjoy every bite of your life and smile at what lies ahead. #BabiesAreHealthy
  78. Everybody, gather ’round and make some room for Cake.
  79. Cake is my baby’s favorite thing in the whole entire world. 🍰 🍦
  80. I don’t think she should eat it all at once.
  81. This baby is already so good at eating cakes.🙌❤
  82. Baby is eating cake and it looks even more delicious . . . 😍🎂😋
  83. Oh, how sweet the taste of babies! We love cake and we’re sure that you will enjoy Baby Eating Cake Captioning Game.
  84. What a sweet little baby and a cake that’s to die for 🍰💖
  85. The cake is a lie, but the icing is true.
  86. We’ll take a bite out of this cake 🍰 🍰 🍰
  87. Who says you can’t eat cake? 😉
  88. Happy birthday to the sweetest baby ever! 🎂
  89. She helped us bring this cake to life.
  90. Cake for breakfast. Cake for dinner, cake for dessert—this is a berry’s dream! 😋
  91. When your little one is eating cake and looking for more, you know it’s time to let her go. #HappyBirthday
  92. Yummy! 😊
  93. Baby is the best cake eater ever!
  94. Baby eating a cake because she’s a big kid. 😍
  95. Mmmm, baby cakes are the best. 😋
  96. Eating cake for breakfast all day.
  97. Cute babies and delicious cakes are always a good combination. 😍
  98. These little ones are just too cute, eating cake and having fun!
  99. Cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  100. The happiest baby on the block, eating cake in her bath time #happymoment
  101. I love seeing little ones indulge in the sweet taste of cake. 😋
  102. These babies are extra hungry. 😍
  103. Baby, you got me smiling again.
  104. I just want to eat this cake with a spoon and show my daughter how much I love her.
  105. Baby, you can have all the cake in the world but I still think that a healthy diet is better for you than cake. 😋
  106. Savor every bite of your cake before you look towards the future.
  107. Enjoy your baby’s first birthday cake🎂😊
  108. Aww, look at that little face. He must love cake.
  109. What do you do with a baby who eats cake? Hahaha 😄
  110. Baby eating cake with a fork and knife. It makes me so happy.
  111. Cake is love, cake is life.
  112. Baby: I’m hungry🍰
  113. This cake is so damn good 🍰 💥
  114. Eating cake always make us happy
  115. When you’re a eating cake, the world is your playground.
  116. Don’t limit yourself to just cake, try some of our other delicious treats too!
  117. Eating cake is how we keep on growing to be the best version of ourselves
  118. Mmm, this cake is so sweet! I think I need a nap. 😘
  119. No matter how much you try to convince them, your kids will always be babies. #EatingCake
  120. Cake. It’s a thing that babies eat.
  121. The cake is for the baby, and the baby is for the cake.
  122. It’s a cake for my baby!
  123. Baby is always hungry, but cake is his favorite thing to eat.
  124. Baby’s first cake! ☺️
  125. Mmmm, cake. This baby eats cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  126. Cake for all occasions.
  127. When a baby can eat all the cake he wants and still be cute, like this little guy 🍰 🎂
  128. Can we just take a second to appreciate how cute this cake is?
  129. Who doesn’t love baby cake? It’s a combination of vanilla and chocolate…So good!
  130. My baby is getting so big! He’s almost eating cake for breakfast now. 😍
  131. We’re celebrating baby milestones and big celebration days with a little cake for everyone.
  132. Yum. What a delightful treat!
  133. My little angel is growing up so fast.
  134. You love the taste of cake 🎂 but you’re probably not very good at eating it 🙁 .
  135. Cuteness is the most adorable baby eating cake.
  136. Happy birthday to this little one who loves cake.
  137. This kid is definitely eating cake for breakfast.
  138. Let’s eat cake, the chocolatey kind 😋🍰
  139. Eating cake is always a good idea.
  140. Cake is the best! And our babies are the cutest. 😍🍰
  141. This week’s baby is trying to be the first one in line for a slice of cake. 👶
  142. A baby’s first birthday cake is always a special occasion especially when it smells like cakey vanilla. 😍👶🏻
  143. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone enjoy eating cake more than my little guy.
  144. Happy birthday to the sweetest baby in the world (and one of my best friends)
  145. Eating cake is always better with my babies and family on my side!
  146. Cake for baby’s tummy, ice cream for their mood. Isn’t it nice to be around people who know what they’re doing?👶🏻
  147. This is how we do things around here…
  148. The cutest baby is eating a piece of cake 😍
  149. We have a baby who eats cake.
  150. Baby, you are such a cake eater. 😋
  151. The cake is the only thing better than a baby.
  152. Cake is the only best way to encourage a baby to feed on. 😍
  153. Baby, we’re gonna eat cake like there’s no tomorrow.
  154. There’s nothing better than the taste of cake and an adorable baby. 😍
  155. Happy Birthday Baby, you’re the sweetest! We love you! Here’s a slice of cake.
  156. What little human is not going to love this delicious cake?
  157. There’s a right way to eat cake. This is it. 😉👶
  158. Ewww, I’m happy you like cake. It’s the only thing you can eat when you’re a baby 👶🏼
  159. Baby’s first food is always the best. 😜 #cake
  160. Happy birthday to this little sweetie!  We love you with all your snuggles and cuddles, but we’re even more in love with your cake eating skills.
  161. This cake is way too big for my baby! It’s going to be a long afternoon…
  162. When you only have seconds to eat a slice of cake, and you don’t want to waste any.
  163. There’s cake, and then there’s baby cake. 🎂 🥪
  164. When your baby can eat cake 😍
  165. This is my baby girl, eating cake for the first time. She’s so cute!
  166. Baby, you make me so happy. Cake for me and cake for you, yum! 😋😋
  167. Eating cake – Good for you. Eating cake That is not good for you. Eating cake can be good, if you eat healthy📆
  168. Look at you all grown up! Your face is so round and baby lips are peeking out. I can’t believe you’re already eating cake…at 9 weeks old 😱
  169. This is the best cake for baby’s first birthday. I ate it all by myself. 😀
  170. Cake is the greatest invention in the history of mankind. You can eat it, you can play with it, you can put it on other things, and it even tastes good when you’re done with it. You’re welcome

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